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H. S.
December, 2016

Dr. McKevitt's performed a quality and caring surgery. Very professional post  and pre-examination by Dr. McKevitt and her staff. Office manager is fantastic in preparing insurance paperwork and approval. This has been a good experience.

June, 2015

I am very happy with the care provided by Dr. McKevitt. She answered all pre-op questions and was extremely responsive with post op questions. When calling her office post-op we were dealt with quickly and professionally. I would recommend and have recommended Dr. McKevitt for eye plastic surgery without question.

June, 2015

It was a pleasure to meet you! I appreciate your kindness and patience in answering my questions about my vision. It really helped to ease my concerns. As I told you during our appointment, you are the only surgeon I will allow to take care of my eyes.

G. P.
May, 2015

We were very happy with our experience at Eye Plastics, all of the staff was knowledgeable and professional during the procedure we would recommend Eye Plastics to our friends and family. Thank you to Dr. Silvia McKevitt for an excellent experience and great results.

March, 2015

I was referred to Dr. McKevitt by a well-known Seattle plastic surgeon who does not accept Medicare.  Dr. McKevitt does! In addition, I come from a large family of doctors going all the way back to my great-great-grandparents and feel that I have a kind of sixth sense about whether a doctor is a good one. I felt totally comfortable with Dr. McKevitt, her skill and integrity and her office staff from my first visit. And I was proven right. My eyelid and brow lift turned out perfectly, and I couldn’t be more pleased, I’ve already recommended her to several friends, both men and women, and am confident that they will be happy with their results too.

N. S.
November, 2014

I had both a Blepharoplasty and Brow lift procedure done by DR. McKevitt. She is a fantastic surgeon and is so very caring and takes the time to listen to your concerns. The whole office was very friendly and very organized.

I have been told I look 20 years younger and for a 72 yr old that's a real compliment. Dr McKevitt is such a very skilled plastic surgeon. I wouldn't have had anyone else do it for me. I had it done July 2nd 2014 and there are NO scars showing at all. You can't even tell unless you looked at the before pictures. If you are looking for an Eye Plastic Surgeon I highly recommend Eye Plastic Northwest /Dr Silvia McKevitt and be prepared for a pleasant experience.

G. H.
October, 2014

I was extremely trepidatious about have anything injected into my face but my smile lines were always there and made me self-conscious. After visiting with Dr. McKevitt I felt confident of her expertise and the care she would give to get the results I wanted without looking like someone else. I am so happy with the results. I can go out without make up and I still have people telling me my skin looks great. The lines barely there are there but softened. There was very little discomfort and the overall experience was incredible. I would trust Dr. McKevitt implicitly.

L. A.
October, 2014
D. O.
July, 2014

Dr. McKevitt’s office is the best. From the helpful front desk to this provider. It has been four months since my eye procedure. You can’t even see the scars. It has opened up a whole new world. I would highly recommend this office to anyone considering eye plastic surgery.

K. K.
July, 2014

Dr. Silvia McKevitt was very informative about my drooping eye lids for a 69 year old man. After she and her staff did their analysis, Dr. McKevitt recommended that I needed surgery to raise my eye brows and trim my eye lids.

The outpatient surgery was very painless and recovery went fine with the stitches taken out one week later. I call my eyes, “smiling eyes” because people can see them now and it changed my facial expression a great deal.

My night vision has improved a great deal . I don’t mind driving the car in the evening now on long or short trips.

C. C.
April, 2014
V. L.
April, 2014

I am very pleased with my eye-lid surgery. Everything was explained completely to me and all questions answered. The whole experience went far more smoothly than any othe procedure i've had in the past. I would highly recommend Dr. McKevitt to anyone.

E. S.
February, 2014

I had eyelid surgery with Dr. McKevitt. The surgery helped me to see better than before. I was very satisfied with the surgery and the professionalism of her staff. I would recommend Dr. McKevitt to anyone who needs eyelid surgery. Also my wife says I look a lot better now.

P. R.
February, 2014

My eyes were droopy for a few years and at first I didn't know what to do- When I was having my eyes checked for glasses my Dr. told me what I could do. I put it off for about 3 years until finally I had to do something because I really couldn't see around me. My eye Dr. told me to come see Dr. Mckevitt, I’m sorry I didn't do it sooner. I can see so much better now (all around me). Dr. McKevitt is so wonderful. I'm beautiful now.

F. W.
November, 2013
S. K.
July, 2013
P. O.
June, 2013
L. N.
June, 2013

I have been fighting an eye infection for months, making it impossible to wear my contacts.  When I went to Dr. McKevitt she immediately found the problem and when she operated discovered a plug that was put in to help my eye from being dry.  It was a great success.  I would recommend her for anything in her field.

M. J.
May, 2013

When I had my regular eye appointment with Dr. James Simmons, He said there was nothing more he, personally, could do to relieve my watering eyes. He recommended me to eye surgeon Dr. Silvia McKevitt. 3 Weeks later I had my first eye appointment with her and she recommended a slight eye surgery to tighten my sagging under eyelids, to re-direct the watering and tearing from my over-active tear ducts. Two weeks later I had the surgery (about 45 minutes long) with no problems. 10 days later, the stitches were dissolved, and the watering eyes were gone. Six weeks later, back with Dr. Simmons for new prescription lenses and I can read the fine print in the newspaper without watery eyes, and no magnifying glass.

I am very pleased with my experience with Dr. McKevitt and her staff, and grateful for Dr. Simmons for recommending her.

J. T.
May, 2013

The reaction of a colleague following blepharoplasty, said it all “Wow!  You look well rested!”

Dr. McKevitt's thoroughness, professionalism and compassion throughout the process were above par.  Her staff was accommodating and patiently address my many concerns promptly.

All in all, an extremely positive experience with amazing results.  I could not be more pleased.

Thank you

L. K.
April, 2013

It’s been ten weeks since Dr. Sylvia McKevitt performed surgery on my eyelid and I have nothing but praise for her.  Two years ago, I contacted her regarding repairing the damage done during surgery by a well-known area Plastic surgeon.  Dr. McKevitt was cautious and thoughtful in her approach to correcting the damage and helping to make my eyes look symmetrical.  She removed a stitch from my eyelid muscle, and also preformed a blephroplasty (removing the excess skin on the upper eyelid). I have such respect for the fact that she encouraged me to get a second and third opinion before she operated; mine was a complicated case.  Every aspect of my experience with her was positive, from office visits with her gracious staff to Seattle Surgery Center where she preformed the surgery.  I felt well enough after the surgery to watch a movie that evening and I was out with friends to lunch within four days with a slightly bruised eyelid.  My eyelid healed quickly with barely a scar which was a completely different experience than the one I had had two years before when the surgeon tried to change completely the shape of my eyes; I had also experienced pain for weeks after that first surgery. Dr. McKevitt is highly skilled and capable yet gentle and without the big ego.  She is a most impressive surgeon and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of ptosis repair or a blepharoplasty.  We're fortunate to have her in the Seattle/Bellevue area and I am so grateful for what she did for me.

April, 2013

I came to Eye Plastics NW because a neighbor urged me to have Dr. McKevitt look at my eye lids, and see if I was a candidate for an eye lid lift. I was rather skeptical at this age of 58, never having had cosmetic surgery.

After Dr. McKevitt showed me what a huge difference an eye lid lift would make, plus her professional and confident mannerism, I was convinced to have the procedure done. The recovery was far easier than explained and expected. I had very little pain and discomfort and am totally pleased with the results. I look and feel so much healthier!

D. C.
March, 2013
A. B.
March, 2013

Dr. McKevitt is the best!! I never would have believed the huge hole next to my eye could look as good as it does after she did the surgery!! Amazing! Also had some Juvederm in January. I have sung the praises of Dr. McKevitt to anyone who will listen to me. She is kind, gentle, meticulous, caring and very good at whaever she does! I am in awe of her skills and professionalism. She is the "go to girl" for any work you may be thinking of having, also her office manager Courtney is very sweet, helpful and knowledgable. A wonderful experience!! Highly recommend!!

J. Z.
February, 2013

This aging state is NOT FOR SISSIES! After finally realizing that my peripheral veision was less than desired, I began the lenthy process of testing, initially with my opthalmologist. It was determined that my vision was sufficiently imparied to more than satisfy Medicare requirements for surgery and I elected to proceed. I was referred to Silvia S. McKevitt, M.D. by my doctor because of her expertise with a brow lift procedure that was further advanced than the brow procedure my opthalmologist performs. My experience with Dr. McKevitt was positive from our initial meeting, continue throughout the thorough testing she performed, and followed in that same positive vein throughout the surgical procedure(s). Her follow-up after the first month provided assurance that healing was right on schedule, and my final visit with her was confirmation of a job well done. Not only do I have very noticable site improvement, the cosmetic result just plain makes me happy!

S. C.
February, 2013

I recently had lower eye lid surgery for a basal cell carcinoma.  Dr. McKevitt and her receptionist were very prompt in scheduling me for the biopsy and shortly after for the Mohs surgery and reconstruction.  This meant that the Moh's surgery was preformed at the clinic and reconstruction at another out patient clinic.  They were able to coordinate the time to suit my needs and preferences.

I have been very pleased with my outcome.  My dealings with her clinic is excellent.  My appointments were very timely and my concerns were addressed immediately.  I would refer Dr. McKevitt to anyone.  She did a wonderful job of reconstructing 2/3 ___ of my lower eye lid.

K. B.
February, 2013
J. C. R.
December, 2012

Looking for the perfect, pleasant, professional eye specialist for your whole family?  Look no further!!!  Dr. Silvia McKevitt across the board is a 10+.
Thanks-Looking forward to my next visit!

S. T.
October, 2012

What an amazing experience! Dr. McKevitt is awesome! I can't believe what instant results I received! If you are thinking about getting Juvederm and Botox do it, you won't be disapointed! Dr. McKevitt has such an amazing touch. She listens to your concerns and takes 10 years away in a matter of minutes. I will continue to do this. I even told my sider to go and she has. Thank you, Dr. McKevitt. Can't wait to see you again.

P. R.
October, 2012

Looking for the perfect, pleasant, professional eye specialist for your whole family? Look no further!!! Dr. Silvia McKevitt across the board is a 10+. Looking foward to my next visit!

S. T.
October, 2012

Just to let you know that I was VERY satisfied with my treatment by Dr. McKevitt for my eye lid surgery. Dr. McKevitt was very efficient, kind and friendly. Thank you.

T. M.
September, 2012

Dr. McKevitt is the best eye doctor I have ever had. I have had to put my eyelids under the knife, and found Dr. McKevitt to be highly skilled at complex eye and lid surgeries. She is very thorough and careful, and her hands are steady and calm. She is a real professional---all about excellence and quality. She is also compassionate and sweet. I recommend her to everyone!

L. F.
August, 2012

Dr. McKevitt and her surgical staff and also Courtney her receptionist were great. From the beginning when I set my initial appointment, I was greeted and kept informed of the process of my sugery. I got continuous follow-up calls and emails. They answered all my questions beforel I had a chance to ask. Courtney called and updated me on my times, they adhereed to my prior medical conditon and would not do the surgery without consent from my primary doctor. The surgical center/team was great, they made me comfortable and were very professional. I have had numerous surgeries in my lifetime and this was the smoothest I have ever experienced. I am referring people from my job and family to Dr. Silvia McKevitt, she is a great surgeon and also a people person. Too bad she is not on a ballot, I probably would have voted for her.

P. P.
July, 2012

Dear Dr. McKevitt, I am highly pleased with the result of the eyelid lift you performed on me. You gave me back the ability to read at length with ease. I am also grateful that my eyes and lids appear totally natural after surgery. AND my husband is delighted to see my entire blue eyes again. I will wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone considering eyelid procedures.

G. W.
June, 2012

Dr. McKevitt is the best eye doctor I have ever had. I have had to put my eyelids under the knife, and found Dr. McKevitt to be highly skilled at complex eye and lid surgeries. She is very thorough and careful, and her hands are steady and calm. She is a real professional---all about excellence and quality. She is also compassionate and sweet. I recommend her to everyone!

June, 2012

I had problems with my eye lids. Had surgery to correct the problem. I am happy with the results. The eyelid surgery was done by Dr. Silvia McKevitt. She is an excellent eye surgeon. She is TOPS.

June, 2012

Dr. McKevitt did a procedure on my eyelid and I was amazed at how smoothly and quick the procedure was. The incision site was pretty much flawless like nothing happened and I was amazed at the ease of the procedure. She must be really meticulous with her hands because there is no scar or anything on my lid. Her explanation of everything, her professionalism, her kindness, her knowledge and easy going nature make her such an outstanding doctor that I wish all my other doctors where like her.

June, 2012

My eyelids were drooping so much that the quality of my vision was being negatively effected. Dr. McKevitt examined me and determined that my problem could be corrected with surgery. I was very wary of the surgery, but she explained that i would be comfortable at all times and I was. My recovery was uneventful and my vision was greatly improved. I would recommend this operation to anyone needing it. Also, I would encourage having the bags under your eyes done at the same time, as I did. I like that I now look great and still age appropriate.

J. W.
June, 2012

Dr. McKevitt did a wonderful job when she did my eyelid surgery. It looks very natural and I had no pain or swelling at all. I went out to the store with in two days looking only like I had on too much pinkish eyeshadow. No one seemed to notice. That was over three years ago, and I am just as thrilled with the results now as I was then and so glad I had it done. I would highly recommend Dr. McKevitt for any eye surgeries or problems!

J. M.
June, 2012
R. M.
January, 2012
G. O.
July, 2011
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