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Eyelid Reconstruction

Functioning eyelids are important for keeping the globe of the eye healthy and protected. Damage to the eyelid tissues can be caused by trauma, burns or surgical excision of eyelid tissue. Surgical excision of eyelid tissue is often performed to remove eyelid skin cancers, including basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas as well as rarer types of eyelid tumors. Dr. McKevitt often coordinates the surgical care of eyelid cancers with dermatologists named Mohs surgeons who have specialized training in removing skin cancers.  Mohs surgery has very high cure rates and conserves as much healthy tissue as possible. Patients with skin cancers often have the eyelid cancer removed by the Mohs surgeon first and then have a separate procedure performed by Dr. Mckevitt to reconstruct the complex tissues of the eyelids. When possible, the two procedures are arranged for the same day, but if this is not possible, the procedures can safely be performed on separate days with excellent outcomes.

Dr. McKevitt uses many techniques for eyelid reconstruction, including direct suturing of wounds or incisions, specialized eyelid grafts or flaps, skin grafts or flaps. She will also perform reconstruction of the tear drain of the eyelid if it has been injured or damaged.

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